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Papl BlessingNorth American Province: 50° di sacerdozio del P. Julio Ciavaglia

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2015 – Igniting the Flame of Faith: St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria (1502-1539) – Edizione in lingua inglese a cura della Provincia Nord Americana (ISBN 978-1-942190-11-0)



Anno della Vita Consacrata 2015

Collana di Spiritualità Zaccariana in quattro volumi

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 The Adventures of Anthony Mary Mouse is a page turning tale based on the life and times of Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria who was born in Cremona, Italy at the height of the Renaissance. Little Anthony Mary Mouse desires only to be of service to his neighbors, especially the poor. Armed with prayer, he joyfully embraces his lifeʹs many adventures. Yet none of these challenges prepare him for the ultimate life‐or‐death struggle against a vicious cat named Legion.